Adapter installation :

Before we can start using OCR, we must install

the package that contains the business logic beweem

the application and ERP (Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV).

Open the package application in the Administation section

Use the NEW button to create a new application package

Here you can ether open a package directly from the file folder

or access it from the MobiSolutions AppStore


From MobiSolutions AppStore, you will need to locatate

the OCR Application in the category Workflow.

Select the record and press download.

Afer the package is downloaded, we will now have to

access the Application menu in the Server Section.

Use the NEW button the setup a new application, using the package

dropdown select beween the packages avalible (select the Workflow)

You may change the name to allow multiple application (TEST, DEV)

In the credentials you define the context the applications

should be running.

Finally select the servicebus (one is already created on the server)

Press Save when finished,


After the application is defined, we must now setup the services

required you need one for now (OCR), if you are running

workflow you can add the workflow service afterwards.

From the Business Application, select which config of Business

Applications  the service will be running (for more information view

the section of Business Applications).

Press Save and Close when finished

Now start the Application and the Service(s)

It is now time to create the two task that will be running

in the background the will be handling all the communication

between the application and the decoding center.

Lets start with the OCR decoder Press NEW in the task section

of the application to setup a new task

Select the Convert Invoice To OCR, to start with set log level to All

On the task, you must setup the properties

- Invoice path (where the invoice are located)

- Username for OCR (you will get this from LITTLEBEACON)

- PWD for OCR (you will get this from LITTLEBEACON)


This is were you define how offent you will check and upload this

for more information see the documentation in the server section.

Use the + button to assign when the task should be executed.

Complete the same process for Convert Metadata To Journal

After this process has been completed, you can now link this to the

previous task using the Next task to run on the OCR task

You dont need to create a trigger IF you make a link.

Remember to enable both task so the trigges will activate them