Mobile Inventory Solution

MobiSolutions Inventory is for you who wants to optimize and streamline your company’s inventory management and break with manual routines.

You always have all relevant information right by hand via an Apple device. It makes it easy and simple to perform the daily tasks. You are no longer tied to a stationary computer in the stockroom. You can perform all tasks from a smart device - making managing your inventory much more efficient!  

Our solution for Inventory, gives you:

  • Real-time updates – Your system updates right away i.e. when an order is picked from the inventory – this way, you always have a complete and updated overview of your stock.
  • Minimization of errors – you can scan the goods directly in to the system via the handheld device – the risk of human error is minimal.
  • Faster processing time - The handheld device makes it quick and easy for you to receive goods, perform stocktaking, moving and picking goods, etc.
  • Control and overview – You get complete control and a full overview of your inventory and the delivery times, inventory levels, and which goods you are running low on or have too many of.
    Customer satisfaction – With a complete control and a full overview of your inventory, you can give your customers precise answers to enquiries on goods, questions on delivery time, etc. – your customers get better service!
  • Employee satisfaction – By performing the daily routines with all relevant information right by hand via a handheld device instead of printed or handwritten paper notes, your employees’ workday becomes much simpler, and they become much more effecient. Data from the work performed with the handheld device is registered directly in your company’s ERP-system – there is no need for any further processing or entry of data.


Our mobile solution for Inventory consists of modules. You can choose from our line of standard modules, the exact modules your company needs, and you can change or expand your solution as your needs change or new needs emerge. 

  • Enquiries – You can see how many of a certain good you have in stock and the specific location of the goods. All you have to do is simply scan the item number/bar code!

  • Relocation of goods – You can relocate goods from one location in the stockroom to another, or between two geographical locations. Goods can be relocated by simply entering an amount and scan a new location.

  • Picking of goods – You get a more efficient and controlled picking process – you minimize errors when sending goods to customers. When you are picking goods, you follow the picking list, which you can access via the handheld device.

  • The orders are planned in consideration of delivery time, rush orders etc.

  • Goods reception – You get an overview of the goods reception. You can filter by date and see what is being received now, and what is expected to be received in a given time period – it becomes easier to plan tasks.
    Goods reception is done by scanning the item number/bar code and specifying the amount. The process of receiving goods is fast with a minimal risk of errors.
  • The module allows you to print labels, and you can label all your goods correctly when you receive them.

  • Stocktaking – Your stocktaking has never been easier or more accurate. No more long, confusing lists which is not consistent with the actual stock.


If the standard modules does not cover your specific needs, we can customize a unique solution for you!


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