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Mobile Sales Solution

MobiSolutions Business for Sales and CRM is for all sales companies or companies with a sales department.

Your salesperson in the field have direct access to all relevant information via a handheld device – a smartphone or tablet. The information can be anything from the basic information regarding a client (name, address, telephone number, etc.) to a complete overview of a specific client’s sales history. The solution gives you online access to your inventory, so that you are always up-to-date with the latest information.

With our Mobile solutions you no longer have to deal with handwritten paper notes, transferring data from one unit to another – it all interacts, and the order will update and synchronize with your company’s economic system instantly, saving you time and money on administrative work.

Our CRM solution makes it easy for you to build great customer relations. You can create new leads, view client activities, create individual offers and send them directly to the client, etc. With this tool, the salesperson gets to know the clients better, and it is easier to build and maintain great customer relations.

The solution has an offline function, which means, it will never fail even though you do not have coverage. Any work you perform on the device while it is offline will synchronize and update as soon as you are back online.

Our solution for Sales and CRM, gives you:

  • Streamlined work procedures – the solution eliminates handwritten orders and the double entry of these in the ERP-system. It streamlines the work procedures and minimizes errors, giving you more satisfied customers and improved bottom line figures.

  • Faster processing time – It is quick and easy to take orders on the handheld device. When the order is placed, you can print the invoice on the spot via a small portable printer, or you can send the invoice to your client’s email. When you leave your client, the order is already in the system waiting to be carried out by your company as soon as possible.

  • CRM function – You can easily expand our Sales solution with a CRM function. It will make it easier for you to keep track of business relations, create offers, create and view client activity and leads – making the company’s sales and client dialogue more efficient!

  • Real-time updates – You always have updated information on your inventory and your clients (contact information and sales history). It makes it easier for you to guide your client during a visit and give them precise answers to their questions – your client gets the best possible service! With real-time updates, you also avoid selling the same product twice!

Our mobile solution for Sales and CRM consists of modules. You can choose from our line of standard modules, the exact modules your company needs, and you can change or expand your solution as your needs change or new needs emerge. 


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