Service and Expense

With Little Beacon’s solution for Service it's possible for your employees to perform their tasks with the help of a handheld device (smartphone or tablet). It could be registering time, use of materials and other costs, get a digital signature from customers as documentation of a job done, print or email invoices on the spot, and much more – you decide based on your company’s needs!

Our solution eliminates the need for handwritten time sheets and duplicated work by entering and transferring data from one device to another – you save time on administration and no important information is lost!

The solution has an offline function, which means, it will never fail even though you do not have cell coverage. Any work you perform on the device while it is offline will synchronize and update as soon as you are back online.

Our solution for Service, gives you:

  • Complete overview – You get an overview of the most important information about customers, incomplete tasks, inventory etc., which makes the employee independent of the office.

  • Less paperwork – the employee receives information via the handheld device. It is easy to register time, material, and other costs directly on the device. When a job is done, the customer can approve and sign off digitally that the job is completed and done to their satisfaction.

  • Optimization of driving – You save time and fuel consumption when the employee no longer has to drive back and forth to the office in order to pick up today's assignments. Instead, your employee will receive all relevant information on the handheld device.

  • Minimization of errors – You do not have to spend time registering handwritten worksheets. All necessary information runs via the system – you do not have to register the same data, which means no duplicated work and a minimization of errors! The solution has a very user-friendly design, which makes the employee’s job simple and efficient.

  • Reduced administration – The solution makes it possible to perform administrative tasks in the field via the handheld device. This means that the employees at the office save time and effort on reading and entering all the handwritten worksheets they usually receive regarding use of time, materials, etc.

The solution integrates with your economic system regardless of which you use – Dynamics AX, e-conomic, Billy’s Billing, etc.


Our mobile solution for Service consists of modules. You can choose from our line of standard modules, the exact modules your company needs, and you can change or expand your solution as your needs change or new needs emerge. 

  • Photo documentation – Take a before/after picture with the handheld device. The pictures will be linked automatically to the specific task in the system and sent to the administration along with all the other information, regarding the job. The customer also receives the information along with the invoice so your customer can see exactly what it is they are paying for!

  • Task overview – Get a quick overview of all tasks and employees.

  • Create a purchase order for goods purchased from an external supplier – If your employee needs some material in order to finish a job while at a customer, he can go to the nearest DIY retailer, and with this module, enter what he buys in your company’s system. When you receive the invoice from the DIY retailer, you can see who bought the material and why.

  • Send invoice to customer – Send the invoice directly to the customer’s email as soon as the job is done.

  • Digital signature – When the job is done, the customer can approve and sign off on the handheld device. Afterwards, the information is sent to the administration, and the order is ready to be executed.

  • Time registration – The employee can clock in and out at the beginning and end of a job – you register the actual time spent on a certain job.

  • Assign time, material, and expenses to tasks – keep track on the use of time, material, and other expenses on a task.

If the standard modules does not cover your specific needs, we can customize a unique solution for you!

Customers and Partners

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Colours and coatings
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Green Engros
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